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Happy Fourth of July – I Am Proud To Have Organic Broccoli Love!

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Shawna Coronado with broccoli in her front lawn veggie garden.

Living with freedom is taken for granted in the United States. Many people around the world are starving this July 4th.  They don’t know or care where their food comes from or if it has chemicals in it or any of those other concerns because they are starving to death and dependent on others to provide whatever food they eat in absolute desperation.

We Americans, however, are privileged. We can grow our own food, we can buy food at the grocery store, and for the most part we can choose how we want to live. Americans can vote for who we want, worship the way we want, and wear whatever clothes we want. And while I am not thrilled with some of the decisions our government makes – because I am allowed to have my own opinion and express it when living in the United States – I am immensely grateful for those privileges which we have that make us a free country.

If I can choose whatever I want to grow and eat and celebrate with today; I choose organic broccoli. No chemicals to consume and full of nutrition, a broccoli is a pretty darned healthy and wonderful plant.

Eating organic broccoli seems like the perfect way to celebrate our freedoms, doesn’t it? Therefore, I raise my raw broccoli stalk with pride.I toast you, fair reader, and the United States with broccoli love and hope you see the value and importance in living in a country that allows you to eat and live and worship the way you want to. Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Shawna, broccoholics around here are cut off from home-grown come April/May because of the heat and humidity. In fact, this awful heat’s made even my warm-weather veggies suffer. I’ll have to raise a PEPPER to your BROCCOLI and salute our veterans for their sacrifice on our behalf! God bless you, my friend…… c:

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