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Help Me Solve A Mystery – What Is This Thing?

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June garden

For the love of all things Holy, tell me what this mysterious and rather manly looking thing is in my garden? It just popped up – it seems happy with the 50% humidity and 100 degree heat in my late June garden.

By the way, fly’s land regularly on the chocolate looking… uh… “tip” and I am afraid to touch the weird thing. It is almost 6” high.

Can anyone help?

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  1. THANK YOU – mystery solved. Looks like a stinkhorn. Here's a great link for more info if you'd like to learn about the rather manly stinkhorn 'shroom –

    And yes, that's my garden – it's in a back little corner behind a poisonous type of rhubarb I grow. The irony is that I grow Chinese rhubarb for it's phallic spring display.

  2. Yep, stinkhorn fungus! I've seen a few of them, mostly back in the spring when we were getting lots of wet weather.

  3. Hi Shawna, I found a very similar one growing in a client's garden, under a shrub in the mulch a couple of weeks ago. I wish I'd had my camera with me – it was bright green, orange, and white. I think we're seeing so many of them this year because of our wet, wet spring.

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