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Is There A Sustainable Snowblower?

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Snowblow Man - my husband using our electric snow blower

Electric Snow Blower

‘Tis the season for snowblowers. Just how green and sustainable are they?

After years of debate and justification over the purchase, the season before last the family finally gave in and bought an electric snowblower. Certainly, a less green solution to hand scraping the mountains of snow we receive in the state of Illinois. However, a huge back-ache reliever and a much quicker solution to snow clean-up compared with our old mode of operation.

Electric snowblowers, although not as powerful as most gas-guzzling, carbon-emitting, snowblowers, are easy to use and generally less expensive as well.

Of course, without direct carbon emissions, electric snow blowers have the advantage of being much higher on a green and sustainable scale. Our Toro snowblower is so easy to handle, a small child could use it. Getting out in the winter weather is a delight when your back is not aching over hours of snow scraping.


If you really want to make a green statement – try a new manual snow clearing tool  called a “Wovel.” While it still requires physical labor, the Wovel website claims the Wovel Shovel is doctor recommended and the “World’s Safest Snow Shovel.” According to the site, “A University of Mass. independent study confirms the wheeled snow shovel clears snow with a fraction of the effort and [is]safer on the back: ‘comparable to simply walking.'” Without a carbon emission footprint during use, this tool is a great idea for those concerned about muscle strain during snow shoveling.

Should you have a handicap or physical limitation, this shovel is still not the best choice, however. An electric snowblower would be easier to handle with very little effort. From a sustainability perspective, I find the Wovel a nice alternative to the traditional snow shovel which can help reduce muscle strain.

Here it is in action:


Living a green lifestyle is possible by doing a little every day. While many are afraid to go green, thinking it is an “extreme” choice, the truth is going green and sustainable while still staying connected to modern conveniences is easy, simple, and anyone can do it. Be mindful of your choices, like determining which snowblower to use, and soon your life will be much greener and healthier.

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!

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  1. Living on the Texas Gulf coast, we are fortunate to not have to move snow, but I remember shoveling well from my days in northern Ohio!

    The electric has to be a much greener option than gasoline power. I'm looking at the battery-operated lawn mowers; hope to be mowing greener this spring.

    Nice post! I like the new look on the blog design!

    Vern Myers
    Running Green

  2. Shawna,
    Fun article and learned tow new things. First electric snowblower where in the heck have I been??? This wovel so cool.
    We have 3 pitch forks we use for snow shovels. Once the snow turns to ice on the gravel driveway you slide in the fork and break away the ice and toss it. Maybe we use them 1-2 times a year maybe Saturday we'll see.

  3. Ms. Shawna, you might guess I'd be the Devil's advocate and say using an electric snow blower might not be as sustainable as you think. Do you know what type of energy is being used to generate the power needed to produce the electricity your snow blower uses? Solar, wind or water generated amperage is probably not your answer.

    But yes, I suppose your electric snow blower might be more environmentally friendly than “most gas guzzling, carbon emitting, snowblowers,” but nothing comes close to 0 tolerance like one of those Wovels or a regular shovel.

  4. Nothing like good old elbow grease to be green – I agree. However, I think some in the world are interested in taking “baby steps”. Getting people to an electric model is a first step. The Wovel is definitely interesting, right?

    Take care and happy holidays!


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