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Solutions For When Good Garden Accessories Go Bad

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watering garden with ripped hose

Every season I have a gardening disaster of some kind. No kidding. Every experienced gardener that I know has the same issue – hoses rip, tools break, watering systems clog, plants die, and the list goes on. Above you see a temporary solution I had to rig up during the mid-July extreme drought of 2012 when my sprayer clogged and I could not get it off the hose. Watering via ripped hose worked just fine.

Below are a few resources for you which might help when your garden accessories go hay-wire:

  1. Maintenance – First rule – maintain your tools and garden accessories. Preventative maintenance makes a big difference in the lifespan of your garden products.
  2. Repair – When a tool breaks, you can often get it repaired locally. Some independent lawnmower repairmen will sharpen tools and make repairs for you at a low price.
  3. Free – If you do not have a budget to buy a new tool, then search for and list your needs on and Craigs List. Both are fantastic resources for free garden accessories.
  4. Friends – Contact friends and ask if you can have a plant when they divide their perennials – it’s a great way to replace dead plants mid-season.
  5. DiscountEbay has an unlimited listing of garden tools, hoses, and other accessories. You might have to pay for the items, but you can find it for a significantly reduced price.
  6. Sale – Oft times I can buy something, but cannot afford to pay full price. Personally ask a garden center manager if he will lower the price a bit for you. You might be surprised at how often this works.

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  1. That’s was an amazing speech I have officially changed my mind I’m gonna make my part wood lot of a garden a small change and then see how far I can take I live a low income community but I’ve been known to have a green thumb. I’ll post photos of my changes on your FB page . Joe the tree guy

  2. Thanks for watching my TEDx speech Joe! I wish you lots of luck with your garden project.

    Power to the Garden!!


  3. heh, Shawna, I know this photo… i FEEL this photo 😀 Love your creative solution! The side of our hose end sprayer cracked and sprayed out just like that, Jon noticed, right where it says ‘made in china’ Luckily I have the best maintenance guy around as my partner!

  4. Thanks for posting your solutions for garden accessories gone bad. It seems like there is an endless amount of problems that are possible each year.

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