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How to Plant a Zucchini

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We all want the amazing bounty in the garden. One way to get it is to plant and nurture a zucchini . This is an endless producer in the vegetable garden. It is guaranteed to give you 5 to 10 pounds of beautiful deliciousness throughout the season. How to plant a zucchini – follow the simple steps below and you should have success.

Zucchini Like Rich Soil

Zucchini on Plant in garden copyright Shawna Coronado

Zucchini are heavy feeders. They adore the full sun and rich soil. Plant in a well-drained soil that has been amended with lots of organic compost.

Add organic fertilizer following package directions to the soil. Then plant or sow seed after the last frost in your garden zone at least 4 feet apart.

The plants get quite large. Colder temperature planting (below 65 degrees F) will either wilt the vegetative baby plant or prevent seed germination.

Fertilize Vegetables Organically

Because they feed heavily, it is helpful to organically fertilize the plant several times during the season, particularly if you see the leaves turning a light shade of green. Additionally, squash can be sensitive to powdery mildew, so do not water the plant from the top.

Water zucchini plants at the base of the plant; drip lines truly save your work, prevent blossom end rot, and help the plant by providing water and keeping the top leaves dry.

Watch the video sponsored by Jung Seed . It shows how to plant a zucchini vegetative plant. (If you cannot see it in this post, go to this LINK.) Plant zucchini if you want many pounds of harvest. Be sure to donate your extra veg to the local food pantry.

Zucchini and Vegetables copyright Shawna Coronado

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