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A Few Big Announcements from

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inflammatory lifestyle

I have a few fabulous announcements to make to all of you wonderful blog readers.

First of all – I LOVE YOU and hope you are well. It has been such a challenge for all of us to live through the pandemic crisis and I am thinking of some creative ways to help all of you.

While so much has been going on in the world, I’ve decided to clean house. I’ve gotten my dusting feathers out and have been updating the website, producing more content just for you, and shaking off the dust a bit in order to bring you better and more relevant information to help you make a difference every day.

Below are 3 announcements on the changes —

inflammatory lifestyle

1. The Wellness University – With joy and happiness I announce that The Wellness University here on my website is finally up and running. You can see above in the photo from The Wellness University Page that I am offering Wellness Workshops and Mini-Classes, 1:1 Coaching and Consulting, and of course Free Workshops and Videos (to help you get through this pandemic with helpful preparedness cooking and lifestyle information). PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT AND TAKE A CLASS OR TWO! GO HERE FOR THE UNIVERSITY PAGE.

News letter

2. THE SCOOP Newsletter – All these years you have been getting my blog in your in-box. I’m changing formats. I’m getting rid of the RSS feed and focusing on a new, fresh, newsletter to give you the smart scoop on all things anti-inflammatory lifestyle such as anti-inflammatory recipes, diet advice, exercise help, and of course organic gardening tips. To sign up for the newsletter, just GO HERE FOR THE NEWSLETTER

Organic Gardening

3. Announcement for a New Book – Just in time for summer gardening season. My book “No-Waste Organic Gardening; Eco-Friendly Solutions to Improve Any Garden” (a revision to my book “101 Organic Gardening Hacks”) is officially released now and available for purchase online. See the links below – HOORAY!

I’ve felt that with so much happening in the world I need to take the steps to help you more than ever. My father once told me that when people are at their lowest is when they need your loving arms the most. That is so true, especially now at a time when my heart is breaking for so many in the world. That means I need to double-down and bring you all that I can.

While, with these announcements, I’m starting small with a few changes on the website and how I deliver my information to you, that will expand: I have 3 more anti-inflammatory cookbooks coming out this season, a series of videos on cooking and lifestyle, and I hope to create a series on indoor gardening to help all those that might not have an outdoor space to grow.

More importantly, my wish is that my media and newsletters might inspire you towards health, wellness, and happiness. You mean so much to me.

With love,


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