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Garden Furniture Color Fun Glodea Product Review

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Glodea Garden Furniture in Purple Berry

Color can be so creative and enticing in a garden and I wanted to make a big FUN splash with color. GloDea® asked me to review their garden furniture. The company began in 2008 when Ignacio Santos, founder and lead designer at GloDea®, together with designer Fabian Ramos, started handcrafting GloDea®’s Chair X36 in a friends garage. This developed into a full line of amazingly colorful garden furniture. When the GloDea company approached me, I fell in love with the bold colors and unique look of the furniture and couldn’t wait to review the unique pieces.

The Review –

Glodea sent out four of their Chair X45’s in Purple Berry and one Living Table X45 in Purple Berry. The chairs arrive loosely assembled, flat in a box, and include a little wrench tool you can use to loosen the slats and place in position. I found it a bit challenging to get all the slats lined up just perfectly. There was some cursing and a bit of gin involved. However, once you get the chairs sorted, I found them IMMENSELY sturdy. Super strong.

My thought is the seating pieces are really an artistic expression in the garden. The chairs are not built for fluffy-butt comfort, but they are definitely fun and creative and sitt-able (this is a word I just invented). They’re great fun if you have a barbecue and friends over as they are the center of conversation and beautifully architectural. The table is very strong and can also be used as extra seating.

Colors available in the GloDea® line include natural wood stains, black, and more than a dozen other colors bursting with boldness or subtlety depending on your needs. I review the chairs and table with two strong thumbs up if you are seeking a creative, fun, and sculptural idea for your garden space. Special thanks to the GloDea® company for allowing me to try this furniture out at no cost – I’ll be donating the furniture to the community this season.

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