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Winter Garden View, or “Patience is Torture”

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I am currently being tortured by Mother Nature. It is slow, but sure. Snow, snow, and more snow in the garden. In the last two weeks I have shoved at least twelve inches of the wet stuff.

It is a balmy 19 degrees outside and poor Harry the Pug is finding it difficult to traverse the snow it is so deep.

winter gardeners

His daily constitutional includes a quick dash out to do his duty and an equally fast return trip followed by a pitiful suffering look he gives me as he runs into the house.

It is snow as far as the eye can see with no relief in site. Surely Mother Nature is laughing hysterically as she watches me trapped inside with my nose pressed against the window. Viewing the current display out two of my windows, you can see 12″ of snow and long icicles dripping off our roof.The tallest of the icicles is over 24″ long.

This is the time we garden writers spend bundled up in our flannel and fleece in front of the computer; fantasizing about garden porn and dreaming of the time when we can get soil between our fingers and grass between our toes.

winter gardeners

My grandmother always told me that winter was a time to be patient. She was obviously a gardener. Patience is a virtue certainly, but it is hard to come by with the weather I have experienced the last two weeks.

Tell me what you are doing this winter gardeners – to occupy your time while you are patiently awaiting spring. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. you don’t know how bad i feel for you. i left chicago 30 years ago because it was so cold. but now my winter days are 80 degrees or the next day they will be 40 for 2 or 3 days then we go back to 75 its lovely! dallas,texas

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