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Composting Tips Galore

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One of the best sites for composting tips ever is run by Clean Air Gardening, it is called “Compost Instructions” and here is the fantastic link – Within this site you will find links to many great tools and ideas for composting which can help you in your quest to compost.

Benefits of composting include saving food scraps from the landfill that cause toxic bacteria to form in the landfills, creating a product that can hold more moisture as a garden top dressing, and introducing beneficial additives to your garden which causes it to be more fertile and productive.

Below is a video about how easy it is to use a spinning composter from  No products were accepted in detailing the spinner, this was simply a demonstration.

If you have not tried composting yet, try it this year and see how it can help the environment and your garden.

Composting Tips

Composting Tips

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  1. I just started composting and I love the outcome. Free fertilizer! I took an old smoker and turned it in to a composter.

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