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Container Gardening – Clay Pots versus Plastic Pots

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Creative container gardening

Creative container gardening has always been a fun challenge in my very sustainable garden. Clay, being a natural resource, has out-trumped the less-sustainable plastic container from a green perspective due to plastic’s large consumption of oil in the pot production process.

However, this year I have run into an unexpected snag. Working with “The Pothanger” from, I was able to build some very creative container gardening vignettes utilizing the more natural clay pot. Featuring plants this year such as Proven Winners Supertunia ‘Cotton Candy’ and Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’ – two hardy and heat tolerant annuals – I was able to create a really creative display (see the photo above).

Here comes the snag – – clay pots absorb water, therefore it is necessary to water the plants nearly every day even while utilizing my very drought tolerant plant container gardening techniques. From a sustainability perspective when does using so much water over balance the more natural product usage?

Creative container gardening

This is a comparison we must all think about when considering on-going sustainability in the garden. In the end, Proven Winners very drought-tolerant Euphorbia succeeded, but the Supertunia was unable to perform under such harsh conditions of no water while I was out of town for a week on a keynote speaking event.

In the above photo you can see I have pulled the devastated petunias and installed antique glass pieces in their place. Looks just as attractive, but I miss the colorful annuals.

All the Supertunia’s which were potted in plastic pots using my drought tolerant planting techniques held up well. However, clay pots are too porous and water sucking to be effective with a non-drought tolerant planting.

What are you doing with your container gardens to be more sustainable?

Clay Pot Vignette

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  1. I bought some clay pots at the 99 cent store and put three layers of shellac on them. The shellac is nontoxic and seals the clay pots. They look great!

  2. Okay, so I've been thinking about this Shawna, I think I'm going to put a rainbarrel on my roof.

    Stay with me here. I want rain barrel on my back porch roof so that I can water all my hanging baskets with gravity-fed rain water. I've got a spot on my back porch roof I can put a barrel that would be just under a window. I'd be able to add plant food to the barrel and run the drip-irrigation tubes to all my hanging baskets and window boxes.

    That's my sustainability pot-watering plan. I just need the time money and will to do it!

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