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Garden Shoe Review – Super Birki Rescues Old Ladies With Cat Love

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Birkis Cat Garden Shoes

Summer garden shoes

During the summer I am lazy. I do not want to tie, zip, or work to put a shoe on. Yeah. I’m THAT lazy. My solution for years has been flip-flopping until the inevitable disaster happened. You will remember it as “The Flip Flop Wars” Post. A giant thorn stuck in my foot. That’ll learn me, right?

When Birki’s saw the dreaded foot surgery post they decided to send me out another pair of shoes. This time CATS. Quirky, cute, and garden-y. I adore them and they have quickly become my favorite summer garden shoes. They are lightweight, supportive, colorful, and tolerate mud – plus they are obviously made with cat love. I keep them right next to my front door for emergency cat runs to the kale or even to the mailbox. YAY! I mean MEOWWWWWWW!


SO the other day I slip the cats on to go to the corner gas station for a soda break. As I am walking along I see a little old lady sitting on the grass next to her bicycle. Her chain is off. I say, “You okay? Do you need help?”

My new friend stands up, wipes her hands on her pants, and answers with a voice that sounds like she’s been a chain smoker most of her life, “YEAH. The damned chain fell off and I can’t fix it! Damn it.”

Well alright then. We start messing with the chain and I can’t quite get it on. I take off my Cat Birki’s, lodge them against the chain, and give it a twist and the chain slips right on.

“Well I’ll be darned,” says the old lady, “you just saved me. Thank you.”

I smile, “Yep. Just call me a Cat Super Hero.”

She stares blankly at me like I’ve lost my mind – you know, like maybe I’m going to do something that’ll land me in the funny house. Then she hops on her bike and rides off.

That’s right, folks. Birki’s can also repair bicycles and rescue little old ladies. Pretty handy to have around if you are a Cat Super Hero – just like a bat utility belt. I came home and washed off the grease and the clogs are just like new. Super Birki’s work for me all the way around.

*Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am noting that provided a sample of the Super-Birki for me to try out at no cost.

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  1. I really, really think I’m gonna have to get myself some of those. My old Birki garden shoes are dark green, stained with paint from my previous painting business, and it generally fugly. So I believe it’s time for an upgrade, and what better than CATS!

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