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I Am Madly in Love With My CobraHead Garden Tool! (A Very Good Video Review)

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versatile tool

I have a confession – I am madly in love with my CobraHead. It has quickly become one of the very few tools I use in the garden because it is wonderfully multi-purpose.

versatile tool

Versatile tool

You can see why I love the tool in the short video above. It is amazingly like an extension of my hand and is the sharpest tool I have. Without a doubt, it’s simply perfect for digging out tap roots and getting in between cracks in the flagstone.

CobraHead’s claim to fame is as “The Best Tool In Earth” and I have to agree – winner of the best tool in my garden hands down. It even made Joe Gardener’s 2009 “Best of the Must-Have’s List”. One of the nifty things about the CobraHead is that it is relatively “green” – the handle is made from recycled polypropylene mixed with flax fiber. Here you see a photo of my eight year old daughter using the CobraHead to plant Nasturtium seeds – it is really easy to grip and she likes planting with it. Below is a photo of me using the tool to get around a difficult and prickly cactus I have in my back garden.

CobraHead Cactus Weeding

While at the Garden Bloggers Conference in downtown Chicago this Spring, I got exceptionally lucky and won the long handled version of the CobraHead as well. This only minutes after having said, “I love my CobraHead and want a bigger one!”

Walking the late-night streets of Chicago carrying the long handled CobraHead, I can say I felt rather safe. My blogger friends claimed I looked particularly like the grim-reaper. Personally, I think I looked like Little Bo-Peep. At any rate, it was an interesting evening and produced my newest favorite garden tool. Wahoo!

If you would like to learn more about this versatile tool go to the CobraHead website today –

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  1. I'm not surprised you like it since you seemed destined to have it! I'm tempted to buy one myself. I have a similar type of tool but I think the CobraHead would be easier to pull through the soil. Plus, I'd be more likely to cultivate once in a while if I had something with such a cool name in my arsenal.
    Now tell us how you dare to garden wearing all white!! 😉

  2. ::laughing:: Actually, you should have seen the outtakes – I was laughing so hard 'cause it sounded “naughty” – I'm a dork!

    And about the clothes – that's a yellow shirt that has all sorts of stains on it. The pants are 14 years old – no kidding – and are all beat to heck. The elastic is so worn out I have to tie the pants to get them to stay up.

    I'm not a very glamorous gardener, but it gets the job done.



  3. Hi Shawna. Glad you two met. Without a doubt, the CobraHead is one of my all time favorite tools for the garden. And I keep finding new uses for it. Yes, it is the best weeding tool I've ever used (and I've used them all), but it is also great for sowing seeds and making rows in your garden beds, and cultivating the soil, etc. This is unpaid endorsement but it really is a simple, highly versatile tool! I keep mine close and use it every time I head out to the garden. Thanks for the mention to the “Best of the Must-haves” too.

  4. Hello Shawna,

    Another Cobrahead fan here! My husband bought one for himself several years ago, then I won one at the 2008 Austin Gardenbloggers Spring Fling. We liked them so much we've given four more as gifts.

    Had to laugh because you left the tag on for the video – did the same thing when using it for photos posted on my blog last year.

    The 'extension of your hand' is so right – maybe it's like having the steel finger of a Superheroine?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    (now contemplating the long-handled version)

  5. Wow, Shawna, thanks for the fantastic endorsement! Great job on the video!

    It was great to see you again at the Bloggers Spring Fling last weekend. I really enjoyed touring the gardens, seeing friends from last year's Spring Fling, and getting to know new folks who came this year. I hope to see you again soon at future Chicago garden events!

  6. I convinced our Master Gardeners that we needed to get a couple of these for the Learning Garden. Making a big hit with them in the garden.

  7. This is absolutely a fantastic idea! It'd be cool if we could get these for people in our local “community” gardens to help them out, right?


  8. You do know I've got long-handled Cobrahead envy, don't you? Actually, I don't own the short-handled one either, but I just bought one. It's not here yet.

    You do the best videos, Shawna. So real and just like home movies. That's what makes you believable. 🙂

  9. Just got one of these @ GWA and am completely in love as well. So so so so easy to use- wish I could have carried the long version with me on the plane!

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