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What To Do To Cover A Bald Spot In The Shade Garden

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Shady path with fern filler         Perfection in the garden is simply impossible. It is the challenge of failure and victory which seems to keep me addicted to gardening; I love seeing the possibilities.

One of my recent failures is a section of daylily’s which used to have plenty of suns, and now gets mostly shade and little water. They performed an important chore; hiding my rain barrel well and providing a great filler along a busy flagstone path at my garden.

This season, as you can tell in the below photo, the situation became dire. Without a doubt, the plants are no longer working well in this position. With no time to dig the daylilies up to move them, I improvised a solution.

A good friend gave me two Boston Ferns which I had no room for inside the house. I placed two old and rusty plant stands in position, then sat the Boston Ferns in place covering up the section of perennials that were performing so poorly. Sh’bang! The instant solution does an admirable job of looking beautiful and hiding the ugly water barrel base as well as reusing an old rusty item that might have been thrown in the landfill. Instant solutions in the garden – always a good thing!

What kind of tricky problems have you solved in your garden lately?

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  1. Great idea, I have a lot of plants including herbs and some vegetables that I grow in pots especially for those bald spots that are sure to appear.

  2. This is why I never throw anything away. One day I will be able to use the rusty, worn out, wonderful treasures I keep holding on to. Thanks for the inspiration.

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