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An Outdoor Garden Potting Bench Room

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Potting bench outdoor garden room

Back in 2013 I posted the story on my blog for Better Homes and Gardens about how to renovate your potting bench area into an outdoor room. As you can see by the original photo to the right, my old patio was a hot mess. Way too crowded, difficult to navigate, a cut-off view of the garden and pathway, and thoroughly unattractive. My goal was to transform the potting bench area into an outdoor garden potting bench room that could be used dually for entertainment and work.

Happily, it was a brightly colored success. When sitting in the Adirondack chairs you would get a whiff of delicious herbs from the container garden tower pyramid. I used some super cool outdoor picture frames drilled onto an old blue countertop as the above-fireplace artwork focus. Many of the items, including the fireplace, chairs, and crystal chandelier came from – so totally free and reused second hand. And, of course, we had tools for the zombies.

Zombie Apocalypse Door Close up View

This season I want to rebuild it again and am hoping to add living walls and expand the outdoor garden potting bench room to be even more useful. I think I will keep the fireplace, but expand with new furniture, new images on the wall, and perhaps use the area as a filming spot for my cocktail and culinary videos. I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas (please leave them below in the comment area). Also, tell me about your big plans for your garden – what are you doing new and different this season?

Outdoor Potting Bench Garden Room Chairs and Seating
Potting bench outdoor garden room side view
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