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Advantages of Glass Teapots and an Herbal Tea Recipe

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Tea Posy glass teapot

It’s Spring – welcome to allergy season! As soon as the snow melts I pull out my favorite teapots and rotate a series of daily tea drinks in the home and office to help combat the pain and drama of sinus problems. Without my faithful tea pots I would be doomed to even more allergy pain – hotTeaPosy Pots drinks seem to help me fight the mold allergies a little better. Just last week, while the snow was still on the ground, I took some photos of my latest tea pot discovery – the Teaposy. It’s made of 100% glass and the TeaPosy team sent out a pot for me to review. That got me thinking – what are some advantages to using a glass teapot?

4 Advantages to Using Glass Teapots –

  1. Glass teapots show the tea brewing, so if you are a “by color” tea brewer you can tell exactly the color to determine when you want to pour.
  2. Glass pots often have a little indent in the pour area which prevents spilling when pouring.
  3. Older ceramics and antiques can have lead, cadmium, and even radiated glazes which are extremely toxic. Glass does not.
  4. Glass teapots can be quite beautiful in the brewing process if used to display blooming flowers or herbs during the process.

Teaposy Glass Teapot with Teabags

Shawna’s Cold and Allergy Herbal Tea Recipe
Recipe Type: Drinks
Author: Shawna Coronado at
This fresh herb-filled DIY tea helps to fight colds and allergies. Want to add a little umph to it? Toss in some whiskey for a hot toddy version of this hot tea drink.
  • Rosemary
  • Ginger, sliced then crushed
  • Basil
  • Hot water
  1. Brew rosemary, fresh ginger, and basil together until leaves completely collapse and water color is a warm tea shade. Add lots of honey. Serve.

For more ideas and an illustration on how to make tea in a glass pot, watch the video below from The Good Green Home Show – my radio and podcast show where I work with Rich Christakes to teach the world garden, culinary, and green tips (if you cannot see the video below, please go to this link –

FTC DisclaimerTeaPosy REVIEW –

Using the Teaposy is super easy, I liked the clear brewing so I could determine the color. Tea stains the glass more readily, particularly in the lid area, so I had to clean the lid more than just give it a quick rinse. The lid also gathers beads of moisture which can form calcium deposits if you are using my horrid calcium-filled tap water instead of filtered water. The handle did not get hot and I liked that I could sometimes microwave it to heat the tea up. Overall I liked the glass teapot tea experience with the glass pot and will continue to use it throughout my long and dramatic allergy season.

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