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Clean your Refrigerator Coils in 3 Easy Steps

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Refrigerator Coil Cleaning

Refrigerator coils can be very dirty and harbor a moldy dusty mess. Check out the image above and be horrified – this is what might be lurking in your kitchen.

Why am I talking about cleaning coils on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle blog? I am a person who suffers from allergies and asthma. Believe me when I tell you that keeping your home clean from hidden dirt is tantamount to health. Living in an environment that has molds and other particulates in the air can contribute to your overall health problems.

Clean and Save Energy – 

Cleaning the coils can increase air circulation enabling the appliance to work efficiently. A clean coil means you help extend the life of the refrigerator and keep that dust and dirt out of your home at a time when you need clean air for your health.

How to Clean Refrigerator Coils –

How to Clean Refrigerator Coils –

  1. Shut down the refrigerator.

    Pull out refrigerator cautiously. Shut off ice maker or water supplies. Unplug refrigerator.

  2. Condense coil dusting

    Gently knock the dust off around the condenser coils using a tool called a “refrigerator-coil brush” (you can find the brush at any hardware store). Vacuum the dust up and off of the grill and coils.

  3. Grease build-up removal

    If there’s grease build-up on the grill, use a warm water and vinegar mixture to clean the grill and the area surrounding it.

  4. Plug the refrigerator back in

    Once dry, put the unit back together and plug into the wall.

How Often to Clean –

Inspect your appliance regularly and clean your coils at least once per year. This is critical because if the coils are not cleaned, they have a difficult time releasing heat. When this happens the compressor has to work harder than it should, which overworks the appliance. To extend the life of your appliance, clean the system often.

Beyond better lung health, cleaning can be emotionally therapeutic. I often start cleaning thinking how much I dislike the chore and by the end of the experience I have worked out all my moodiness for the day. Cleaning is definitely therapy.

Below is a quick video from AmyWorks on how to clean refrigerator coils. She’s awesome and gives a great lesson.

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