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Amaryllis as a Year Round Houseplant

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houseplant idea

Houseplant idea (Amaryllis)

Used to be you’d only see amaryllis as a seasonal holiday plant. I have shown you how to grow the flowers in the off season and even in your summer garden, but I had to show you this gorgeous blooming amaryllis ‘Minerva’ from Longfield Gardens that is blooming right now at my house. I have never seen an amaryllis with so many blooms from one bulb – there are 8 flower heads. Totally breathtaking!

Want to try a green houseplant idea that brings some fresh oxygen and lots of flower power indoors anytime of the year? Grow an amaryllis bulb any old time. It’s easy to do if you advance order bulbs and request early or late shipment or if you save your bulbs from the holiday season, let them rest in a cool environment and regrow them a second time later in the season. If you plan well, you can have successive amaryllis plants growing non-stop throughout the entire year; what a great way to bring a smile to your home.

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  1. Amaryllis is a wonderful addition to Florida landscapes. Anytime I receive one as a Xmas gift, I plant it in my yard when it’s blooms wither. I’ve had my in-ground amaryllis bloom TWICE a year here in Florida and they spread on their own. They seem to be incredibly drought-tolerant and carefree in the Florida climate, but they do like some shade from our searing sun. Great post about a mighty bulb, Shawna!

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