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What is Your Back Yard Garden Like? Mine: Sustainable and Calming

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Designing garden area

This is a photo of my backyard taken by the amazing Brenda Haas of BG Garden. She is the first person to really capture a photo of the entire backyard space at my home all at once (thanks Bren!). It is an ordinary size – the standard suburban square footage and not very large. However, it is packed with a lot of gardens and a circular flagstone seating area that surrounds a tall shade tree.

Designing your garden area to suit your personality – whether it be simple or complex – is important. My personality is a rather high energy, so for me, it is most important to have a comfortable place to sit and relax and contemplate. A place where the body can rest, but the eye can rove. In the distance, you can see a hammock and more seating built for just that type of relaxation.

Most of the plants in my garden are relatively drought-tolerant for the Midwest as I travel a lot for my speaking schedule and do not have time to coddle or baby planting beds. They either survive without water or die.

Happy Gardening!

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  1. I love being able to create a sanctuary in my yard where friends and family feel at peace.We spend all our free time in our yard enjoying the birds and wildlife.Its just steps to a dining area outside our back door. In the spring we hope to build a dock on the water to sit and enjoy the view.

  2. I really ♥ the circle around the tree! We have a rather large (to us) back yard. This fall we are laying the “groundwork” for another bed — also around a tree. I never thought of laying flagstone! I recently posted a picture of the area (which includes two comfortable chairs similar to yours). I like the globes you've placed at the base of the tree, too….

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