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3 Ways to Improve Your Bedroom to Sleep Better

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Want to improve your bedroom for a great night’s sleep? The best way is to improve your bedroom setting in order to create a positive environment to enable better rest. “Cultivating a relaxing ambiance for sleep involves both visual design and practical setup,” say the experts at the Sleep Foundation.

This might begin by cooling your room down with a smart thermostat. The best temperatures for comfortable rest are between 60 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Design can also contribute to a happier night’s rest. The tips below can help you improve your bedroom so that you can sleep better.

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Clean Up Your Sleeping Area in Order to Sleep Better

The goal when stepping into a sleeping area should be less stress for more rest. To improve your bedroom to sleep better, first pack away all the clutter. Clean the room well. Organize your storage so that you can easily find things you need in the bedroom.

Remove Distracting Noise and Light

Most importantly, remove work desks, electronic games, computers, and telephones. Having electronics cluttering up the space can often mean lights, dings, and other running sounds when you sleep. Calming the area down with less clutter and electronic equipment means less stress and better rest.

Improve Your Bedroom Design for Better Rest

Get better rest by improving your bedroom furniture layout and design. A good layout helps you feel more peaceful, and therefore you get better rest. A poll given by the National Sleep Foundation discovered that making your bed every morning can help improve your sleep. It makes your room more attractive, keeps your linens clean, and encourages positive habits. Follow the below tips when laying out your design.

  • Choose a mattress that is comfortable and fits well in your bedroom space.
  • Add smart furniture which will optimize your bedroom storage.
  • Use soft and comfortable bedding that feels good and keeps you cool (or warm) when you climb into bed.

Cactus art wallpaper photowall

Improve Your Bedroom to Sleep Better by Adding Color and Art

Changing your color scheme and artistic design can make a difference. Colors in your room should inspire calm and happiness whether they are warm or cool. When you come into your room at bedtime, you want to increase warmth and encourage comfort. Color can make a significant difference in how you feel. 

How I Improved My Bedroom with Color

Before Photowall Installation

This week I invested in an update of art and bedding in our master bedroom. Warm colors like terracotta and green bring me joy. My room felt as if something was missing which I could not explain (see photo right). Expanding on the idea of color, I ordered a new premium wallpaper designed to look like a desert sunrise. You could easily have used a pale green instead of a bold terracotta on the neighboring wall to blend with the cactus art.

Refreshing my bedding to a solid color of linen really helped as well and I LOVE IT (see below). The colors and beautiful scenes make me feel calm every time I walk into the room. Like I am walking in a garden. Premium wallpaper from Photowall is wipeable, durable, and environmentally friendly.

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Garden view of new linen quilt on bed

How to Install a Photowall in Your Bedroom

Photowall is a cool way to customize your walls with unique art. Improve your bedroom to sleep better with a custom-designed wall. Their website enables you to customize your order, change colors, dimensions, and portions of an image. Their selection for full wall scenes is astounding. The Photowall wallpaper printing ink is even biodegradable.

Once you measure the wall and clean it up, there are only three easy steps to hanging. There is no hurry to install wallpaper. Be slow and patient when installing.

  1. Apply included glue onto the wall with a roller or brush
  2. Apply the wallpaper strips from edge to edge
  3. Trim excess wallpaper and smooth down
Improve Your Bedroom to Sleep Better
Improve Your Bedroom to Sleep Better

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Improve Your Bedroom to Sleep Better
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Improve Your Bedroom to Sleep Better

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