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Elevated Garden Bed Growing for Food Security

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Elevated garden bed growing for food security is at the top of my mind this year. Helping people find food when millions have lost their jobs and security is going to be an increasing challenge over the next several years until we get past the pandemic crisis. Growing more nutritionally dense food is the answer. While growth is still going on in the south, much of the north is currently locked up in colder weather, but do not be discouraged; NOW IS THE TIME TO PLAN FOR 2021!

The Secret for Elevated Garden Bed Growing

If you want to grow food to help yourself and your family or if you would want to donate to your local food pantry to help your community, growing in a small space is easy if you have elevated garden beds. I have been growing with elevated beds for more than 10 years quite successfully.

Without a doubt, the secret to success with elevated gardening is the appropriate soil combination. Roots need moisture, nutrition, and good drainage. If you start your vegetables and herbs out with a smart soil combination than you are more likely to have success. A good soil mix might contain my favorite basic organic ingredients: soil, compost, worm castings, and fertilizer.

The Secret Soil Formula for Elevated Garden Bed Growing

Typically, my secret formula for enabling stronger moisture retention and root development contains the below ingredients well mixed –

  1. Potting soil – 1/3
  2. Rotted composted manure – 1/3
  3. Any other type of compost – 1/3
  4. A handful of worm castings
  5. Organic fertilizer added according to package directions

Gardening Success with an Elevated Garden Bed

Gardening is better with an elevated garden bed as it offers you the ability to grow without being down on your hands and knees in the soil. My spinal osteoarthritis has benefitted from growing up at waist level. It is better for your back, your arms, and your neck if you have a chronic inflammatory condition like I do.

At the top of this post, you see the “Vegetable Hall of Love”, which is my latest garden experiment at my new home in Mesa, Arizona. The common statement I get is, “It’s too hot to grow vegetables in Arizona!” Not true! This is my first fall growing season with the elevated beds and already they are exploding with happy plants. It is beautiful, cool, and sunny every day of the winter here and I am looking forward to it. Spring growing starts in February and I’ll have even more plants living the happy life in my garden then. Summer slows down in Arizona due to the heat, but I can still grow and have big plans with these beautiful elevated beds for the upcoming year.

Order an Elevated Garden Bed at a Discount

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Plan your food security garden now and give the gift of food and wellness to your friends and community this season. Start with a good system and use my secret soil combination to help with your success. If I can do it – you can do it. Happy Wellness Gardening!

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