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A Drone View of My Garden

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Many of you wonderful peeps have asked to see my garden in video form. This year I met up with an astounding drone videographer who worked with me to film the property. We had an incredible time filming and today I have put it here in the blog for you to view.

FTC DisclaimerAlso very special thanks to Mark Misch for the music – he gave me full permission and rights to use this music with credit – Jason Henricksen was the super drone dude who helped me film the sky views in the video. Your sky high garden shots are absolutely beautiful Jason. Thanks to Organic Mechanics Soil, Gronomics, Gro Products for giving me the foundation with which to build a great garden. I am a brand ambassador for Jung Seeds and they supplied all the vegetables for the living wall gardens and ground gardens shown in this video. Thank you and thank you again!

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  1. Shawna, I love all the pretty pics of your gardens. My hubby and I recently returned to his family land he grew up on in a super small town in Oklahoma. It’s not the friendliest town and we are wanting to open a nursery soon. We tried to start a community garden but people just fought over who would benefit from it. We have just decided to continue to work on our farm and later open it up to people in the community who want to enjoy it. We have 10 acres. I spent probably $2000 this last year in plants but it is a very rough growing environment, lots of red clay. Seeing gardens like your keep me encouraged to move forward and keep working. I am determined to get something to grow outside of a pot that can stand up to extreme temp.s, heavy winds, and thick clay soil. I would love to hear your input.. Please keep sharing the pretty pic.’s.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,


  2. So nice to hear from you Valerie. I got almost all my perennials from friends and family who were sharing and dividing their plants. A great way to save money! Vegetables are easily started by seed. Keep up the great work!


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