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Plant Amaryllis in Summer Fora Flower Surprise

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Amaryllis in full bloom

Every winter holiday we garden enthusiasts go absolutely bonkers for Amaryllis as houseplants. I love them passionately and have been growing them for years. Having some blooming sunshine in mid-winter is a joy in itself and this Amaryllis ‘Apple Blossom’ was the light of my life for several weeks while it was flowering. The flowering heads are so large I tend to think of them as a part of the family. Of course, while amaryllis is known primarily as a houseplant that is exchanged near Christmas, it is far more versatile than that and can be grown year-round and even in your outdoor garden beds.

Kellogg Organic Biochar Soil

After the initial bloom during the holidays, clip off the greenery and store it in a cool dark place. Once the bulb has rested a few months, bring it out after the last frost and replant either in a container or in-ground for a second rebloom display as an outdoor plant. Repeat the process of storage and bring the bulb out again in the winter as a houseplant.

How to Plant Amaryllis in a Container for Summer

1. Fill the container ¾ full with organically fertilized potting soil. I used Kellogg Garden Organics Organic Select Potting Mix formulated with BioCharMax (see below), which is an excellent well-draining organic potting soil filled with nutrients.

2. Place the bulb on top of the potting soil, then nestle the bulb down about a quarter inch. Make sure to leave the top of the bulb exposed. For Amaryllis, there should be one bulb for a 6-inch pot.

3. Water so that the soil is moist. Do not over-water as Amaryllis prefers good drainage. Display outside in your garden or in a sunny location in your home.

Kellogg Garden BioChar Soil 2
Amaryllis Plant in Summer
Amaryllis in Summer Garden Christmas in July

Amaryllis Outdoors in Bedding Plants

It is easy to grow Amaryllis outdoors in your summer planting beds as well (see photos). When the danger of the last frost passes, amend the ground soil with an organic amendment to increase drainage and nutritive value of the planting area. Organic soil will do such as Kellogg Garden Organics Organic Select Potting Mix formulated with BioCharMax, then plant the Amaryllis directly in your garden bed with half the bulb above ground. A sunny spot is best, but partial shade will do. Use organic fertilizer to stimulate green growth, however, fertilizer is not necessary for the plant to flower. Before the fall frost sets in, dig up the bulbs and place them in a cool, dry spot to over-winter and start the process again.

Special thanks to Kellogg Garden Organics for providing soil to me this season – the soil worked very well with my herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Happy Amaryllis gardening!

Amaryllis in Shawna Coronado garden Christmas in July
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  1. They bloom a week or so after the buds fully develop. They will not “bloom until autumn”, but they will grow as a green plant during that time.

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