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Design a Pink Elevated Bed Container Garden

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Design a pink elevated bed container garden

Dreaming of spring? Me too! One of the fun projects I did this season was to design a pink elevated bed container garden. Popping with Pink Foliage Power, these plants make a perfect part-shade container garden and look lovely in a small container or in a larger elevated bed. These gorgeous plants are from the Wave Petunia company. The soil is from Organic Mechanics and the elevated garden bed is by Gronomics.

We are steps away from spring – so very very close – and I can’t wait for the warmer weather to get here so we can plant up all the elevated beds with herbs and flowers. You’ll note in one of the photos below the little bee that’s loving the flowers in this garden. I highly recommend that you let your coleus go to flower once in a while to help nurture your local bee family like I did here in the garden. Watch the video below filmed in my back garden to learn all the specific plant varieties and growing tips I recommend for you so you can learn how to design and plant your very own Pink Power container garden.

Video here –

Special thanks to Wave Petunias for providing the herbs and flowers used in this Design a Pink Elevated Bed Container Garden video. Visit to learn more. Thanks to Gronomics for the beautiful elevated beds and Organic Mechanics Soil for the worm casting filled organic soil.

Bee on Kong Coleus
How to Design Pink Elevated Garden Bed
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