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Organic Foods – Why You Should Eat Them

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Many people think that purchasing organic products is only about the environment. The less chemicals used to produce the product the better it is for the environment, right? However, food carries a special concern: eating organic foods means you consume less chemicals. When you consume less chemicals you have less of a chance of contracting cancer and other fatal illnesses.

Let me repeat: When you consume less chemicals you have less of a chance of contracting cancer and other fatal illnesses.

This is important to your family because fatal illnesses suck big time. They cost you and the taxpayers money plus a fatal illness can cost you your life. And when you are dead you can forget the summer vacations in the Hamptons and time spent laughing with your family. Because you are, well, DEAD.

Sometimes eating organically can cost more money, but generally speaking, buying basic organic staples like rice, beans, pasta, and meats or vegetables can be very reasonably priced.  My family has increased our consumption of organics even though we do not use them 100% of the time. Perhaps that could be the first step for your family — to simply try to use a few more organic products whenever it is possible. Trying is better than doing nothing at all.

Now I’m not suggesting that all chemicals will kill you instantaneously upon consumption, but what I am saying is you should be paying attention to what you eat to determine your long term health. Try consuming more organic products, use less chemicals in your household, and grow your own chemical-free foods whenever you can. I love the above video made by this adorable little school girl because the video talks about what she discovered about organic versus non-organic potatoes. She is so awesome I had to share her video with you. Imagine how her discovery applies to many of the foods you buy. Make a difference for your family; try using less chemicals!

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  1. I love that the masses are really starting to wake up to the toxic ingredients that make into a great deal of our food. I think it will be a while before the pendulum swings completely but it will come eventually.

  2. Here in the UK the growth in organic sales in 2013 is reported as being 2.8% which tends to bear out the slow but sure realisation that some things are worth paying for.

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