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Orchid Show Winter Display Makes Me Happy

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Orchid Show Floating Orchid Displays

Snow. I have had enough of it. Chicagoland still has over 12″ of snow on the ground with more snow expected soon. Sufferers of the dreaded Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are finding it very difficult to look outside the window. We need green and fresh air. We need a warmth and sunshine fix – NOW! I might have the solution for you; an orchid show!

Chicago Botanic Garden (CBG) is currently hosting an amazing Orchid Show. My daughter wanted to come to see some green too, so I bundled up my 13-year-old and drove an hour north to visit CBG to discover flower love.  HOLY WOW was I surprised to see the huge and amazing displays  – over 10,000 orchids – in sunny greenhouses with lots of happy, smiling faces. CBG went all out and bowled me over with beauty and a totally delicious breath of fresh green in this depressing winter season. The Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau is sponsoring part of the event, so you will also see hula dancers and learn how to make lei’s and palm hats among other warm-weather activities. The show will be open through March 16th – to order tickets go to this LINK.  Below you see a few of the amazing orchid flowers I saw at the show; it was just the breath of fresh air my daughter and I needed.

Orchid Show Bring Your Kid
Orchid Show Luna Moth Titan Orchids
Orchid Show Orchid Tree and Pond
Orchid Show Pink Orchid
Orchid Show Red Orchid
Orchid Show Hanging Orchids
Orchid Show Espalier Trees Made From Orchids
Orchid Show Purple Orchids
Orchid Show Orange Orchids
Orchid Show Bright Pink Orchids
Orchid Show Yellow Orchid
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  1. Lovely photos!

    Thank you for sharing and bringing Spring into my home!

  2. Yes I think so many people are very thirsty for spring at the moment!
    I’ve been looking at a website about The Lake District in England with great photos of the nature in the region. I guess out of a longing for nature.
    So this coming sunday I’ve decided to go a hike in a wood with a hiking club to get some taste of spring arriving soon.
    I am sorry to admit that I have ‘neglected’ to look at gardening sites and especially yours lately, so thank you for pointing me in the right direction! 🙂

  3. Like being at the Biltmore House gardens–that place makes me so happy too!! Just to wander among the plant beauty…

  4. Beautiful, hot pictures, as I look at them I have a spring in the house ….. and here only flourished the first snowdrops, spring and another month and a little bit …. 😉
    Too bad it so far away from me ….
    Heartfelt regards. Kaz

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