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Mural Art in Your Home Can Be Therapeutic

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Looking at mural art can be meditative and therapeutic. Viewing a mural is not the same as psychiatric art therapy, which is when art and psychotherapy are brought together to help a patient emotionally. Yet medical experts agree that art immersion – physically seeing and engaging with art regularly – can improve a person’s health and wellbeing.

What is the Healing Power of Mural Art?

The healing power in mural art is the same as any art; when you surround yourself with art that inspires you and engages your brain, it can act as a tool to treat and prevent health problems. Canadian doctors even “prescribe art” to patients. This is not about creating art so much as enabling the patients to visit museums for free as a part of treatment. They can immerse themselves in beauty and calmness by observing art. Conditions noted that have significant improvement from art immersion include high blood pressure, anxiety illnesses, eating disorders, and general illnesses.

 Lemon mural design

Looking at Art Improves Health and Well-Being

Immersing oneself in a more tranquil daily experience can reduce stress and improve health and well-being. This can relieve some of the pressures of modern-day life. All art can have a healthful effect if the viewer engages with it. Mural art is therapeutic in a very unique way. Instead of looking at a small piece of art quickly as you pass, the art becomes larger and more immersive when it is in mural form. Seeing a wall of beauty and color can be relaxing, inspiring, and calming.

According to an interview on the Montreal Gazette, Dr. Hélène Boyer, vice-president of Médecins francophones du Canada says, “There’s more and more scientific proof that art therapy is good for your physical health. It increases our level of cortisol and our level of serotonin. We secrete hormones when we visit a [art] museum and these hormones are responsible for our well-being. People tend to think this is only good for mental health issues. That it’s for people who’re depressed or who have psychological problems. But that’s not the case. It’s good for patients with diabetes, for patients in palliative care, for people with chronic illness.”

Cactus art wallpaper photowall

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Mural Art

Therapeutic art immersion was my goal when I initially decided to add mural art to my home. I began with my bedroom (above). As a person who has always been challenged with sleeping a full night, I thought if I could clean my room up and add a beautiful mural, that I’d sleep a bit better.

I chose a color theme that helps me feel creative and calm. I discovered bold earth colors such as crème, green, and terracotta really gives me a happy soul. Calming and colorful, my bedroom mural art gives me a deep breath of relaxation whenever I walk into the room.

Lemon photowall mural design

Decorating a Guest Room with a Wall Mural

Guest room lemon theme

After wallpapering my bedroom with an art mural, I thought perhaps the guests who come to visit my home and overnight might like to have that same experience of art immersion. I hoped to find something creative and fun to inspire my friends and family.

I have a Eureka lemon tree outside my back patio. My guest bedroom has a lemon theme based on that lovely lemon tree (see right). With enthusiasm, I went out to the website and searched the word “lemon”. The result is this astounding, amazing, GIANT LEMON wall mural.  

Once I installed the wallpaper mural art (instructions below), I realized that it would look best if I painted the strip of wall up above the closet to match. If a gargantuan lemon is not your style, no worries, there are thousands of selections and artistic wall mural designs to choose from on the website.

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Before Photowall Image

How to Install a Wallpaper Mural in Your Home

Installing a premium wallpaper mural from Photowall is a great way to customize your home. Add calming emotional therapy with lots of color and beautiful art. 

Lemon mural wallpaper laid out

Photowall enables customization of their wall murals in thousands of differing ways. You can import photos, change the dimensions, adjust colors, or get premade custom murals. They have a huge selection and make it super-easy to put murals on your walls for a little heart-touching emotional therapy in your own home.

In order to install a mural from, you will first need to unroll the papers and align the images in order of installation (right). If you take the installation process slowly, all should go well.

  1. Clean the wall – In order for the wallpaper to stick well and not have bumps under the surface, you should clean the wall well
  2. Measure First – Be sure to measure with a level so that the first strip of wallpaper rests in line. The rest of the wallpaper pieces will be level and even if the first strip is set up properly.
  3. Glue is included – Mix the wallpaper glue, then apply the glue onto the paper or the wall with a roller or brush
  4. Do not overlap edges – When installing, be sure that the wallpaper strips do not overlap, but touch edge to edge
  5. Trim it up – Cut excess wallpaper along the edges with a straight edge and a utility knife, then smooth down paper with a sponge or cloth

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Lemon wall mural installed

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