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It’s A Christmas Pumpkin Miracle Charlie Brown!

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The Miracle Christmas Pumpkin

All my pumpkins have long rotted and gone to the compost bin. All except this one – Peter the Pumpkin. He was the first pumpkin to turn orange in the garden this summer. In fact, he grew on our front side walk; producing quite a lot of interest for anyone who came to the front door.

All in the world has gone right for Peter. Harry the Pug, also known as ”Mother Nature’s Watering Can,” decided to leave Peter alone during his morning constitutionals. Ground Squirrels sat and played next to Peter without taking a single bite. Teenagers smiled at Peter and refused to smash his head in during Halloween. His round, orange perfection was so amazing that complete strangers complimented Peter on his loveliness and gave him a pat for luck.

Most shocking is that Peter was picked at the first of August. he should have rotted and left us long ago, like all the other pumpkins picked from my front lawn vegetable garden. Without a doubt, Peter is a miracle pumpkin – he is still in absolutely perfect shape on December 4th – as you can see in the above photo.

Peter the Miracle pumpkin

Could it be that Peter was sent from heaven to my garden, just to have the sun’s glow bounce off his orange noggin and make me smile every day for the last four months? Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring the most amazement to us – Peter is one of those simple joys.

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  1. My pumpkin is still fine, too! I bought mine from a guy down the street in mid-October. I keep picking up to check the bottom for rotting, but nope, still fine!

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