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Yellow Rose Love – What Does A Garden Mean To You?

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Yellow Rose: garden season

Yellow Rose Love – Garden Season

This morning I awoke thinking about summer – about my love for the simple smell of a flower and the smile it brings. My keynote speaking schedule has had me flying all over the United States and I have been tortuously away from my blog and away from the garden as well.

Happily, it is time to jump back in and kick-start the garden season – I adore this time of year! For me the garden is about feeling good, feeding the hungry, teaching, building a haven for my community, healthy living, and yes, sometimes it is a very simple and beautiful part of my life – like this morning. A little yellow rose love sure goes a long way.

What does a garden mean to you?

Whatever it means to you, be sure to get out there and find your own garden love today!

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