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Ginger Tea Recipe and Easy Peel Hack

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Fresh ginger tea is one of my very favorite treats. Tea is delicious anytime and adding this flavorful root is particularly helpful if you have cold or allergy symptoms. Studies on ginger have shown that it is a beneficial tea to drink if you have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or another chronic pain condition that requires a more anti-inflammatory diet. Fresh ginger requires peeling and below is my absolute fav fav fav vegetable peeling set you can get for yourself.

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Benefits of Consuming Ginger Tea

Consuming ginger regularly has been known to decrease inflammation. Add fresh ginger to your anti-inflammatory food plan or diet to help certain types of chronic pain triggered by inflammation.

Ginger has many documented benefits; it reduces tummy upset, helps boost immunity, and reduces inflammation. One study shows that having a cup of tea post-exercise or post-workout helps reduce muscle inflammation. This is a great non-steroidal fix for sore muscles.

Peel the Ginger

One of my favorite afternoon treats is a cup of iced Tazo Green Ginger Tea steeped with freshly sliced ginger. Below is the easy recipe and a video to watch which shows you my foolproof ginger peel hack. Make some tea today and kick off the spring season with a tasty anti-inflammatory treat.

Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Tea Recipe

  1. Place tea bags and freshly sliced ginger into teapot.
  2. Pour hot water over the tea bags and sliced ginger.
  3. Serve hot or iced.
Ginger Peel Hack and Tea
Ginger Peel Hack and Tea Slicing
Ginger Peel Hack and Tea Recipe

Special thank you to the Homer Laughlin Company for supplying the bold poppy Fiestaware teapot, cup, and sugar packet caddy that I served the hot ginger tea.

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