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Easy Elegance Roses Shrub Tips

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Easy Elegance Roses Mid Summer Plant Review

Roses Shrub

Midsummer is a great time to give you an update on my Easy Elegance® Roses adventure. While traditional roses need extensive care such as spraying for rust or black spot, pest management, and adding extra fertilizer, I was surprised to learn that Easy Elegance® Roses are pretty easy to care for and the only consistent care I’ve tended to is dead-heading. Above you see the view of one of the rose bushes mixed in a perennial border. The border is organic and receives no fertilizer, no bug spraying, and no extra attention whatsoever – the roses are doing very well.

TEXT TIPS – The Easy Elegance Text Program reminded me to do the dead-heading and has helped me with care tips the entire season. Simply text EASYELEGANCE to 73095 for timely rose care tips.

Easy Elegance Roses Mid Summer Dead Head

Dead-Heading How To

Dead-heading is easy – simply prune the rose back to a five-leaflet leaf, cutting sharply just above a leaflet. Above is an example of a freshly trimmed bud. You can see that it is dried up and all the petals have fallen off the plant. Once I cut the dead-head, I throw it in the compost pile so that it turns into soil for next season.

Mid Summer New Growth

Within a few days of deadheading, each of my roses began to build fresh growth. See the photos below which features bright green growth at the top of the stems. Also note that I have no disease or pest issues with any of the roses and they are planted in the most difficult and challenging of growing conditions in my garden. Behind my fence has been a mess this season because part of the area was ripped out by the city and reconstructed. This has meant the city employees have walked – and sometimes driven – through my perennial beds where the roses are planted. Beyond that abuse, these plants are also placed where they receive no extra water or love of any kind and clearly they are doing marvelously.

Easy Elegance Roses Mid Summer Plant Growth
Easy Elegance Roses Mid Summer Disease Resistant

These roses are truly easy care shrub roses and I am looking forward to the late summer and early fall re-flower. With these healthy new buds forming on the shrubs, we should see a beautiful display just about the time everything else in the garden is slowing down. I will bring you another report on this summer long review of how the Easy Elegance® Roses are doing. So far they seem truly easy Roses You Can Grow™.

FYI – If you would like to see some more awesome plants and ideas on Easy Elegance® Roses, go to their YouTube page at this LINK. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Easy Elegance Roses. The opinions and text are all mine.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Easy Elegance® Roses. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I’m brand new to roses, and my first bush needs to be pruned. Perfect timing.

  2. This is wonderful information. I’m looking to move so I can have a garden, and I have always wanted to grow roses. There is much to know! Your tips help.

  3. I do believe that I need to try this variety of roses! I have many others but I’m really the shrub roses. Less care and more blooms.

  4. This is a wonderfully informative post and your roses seem to be doing spectacular so far! This season I started gardening (even created a pollinator habitat) and I’m finding it to be a lovely and rewarding hobby. I wasn’t familiar with elegance roses but after your post, I feel inspired… perhaps these roses would make a nice addition to my backyard. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Roses are so hard to grow here so I will check these out and thanks for the tips too….very helpful. Of course that gift cert would come in handy to purchase some new roses!! Thanks for the giveaway Shawna.

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