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Container Gardening Idea – How To Recycle An Old Wicker Loveseat

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Loveseat Flower Container Recycled Wicker

Many people ask what was my favorite recycle-reuse garden project of all time that I did in the garden? Hands down it was the conversion of an old wicker chair into a planting container for the back garden; truly a creative container gardening project that I loved. I found the wicker piece in the garbage at a clients house and wrote my first story on it back in 2010. He said, “You want that piece of crap?” My reply, “HECK YEAH!” To me it was a diamond in the rough and a little fun for the garden.

The secret in building a container or “flowerpot” from a random junk object, is to create the “container” area for the soil and plant roots. Once you do that, you can plant anything in the container garden. I planted different plants in it each year; first year was moss and leftover perennials, second year was impatiens and ivy, and the third year was sweet potato vine. By the end of that year the wicker was truly rotting and I gave the loveseat away to a local gardener to use in her garden.

Wicker Loveseat Chair Garden Container Project

How To Make A Container Garden From A Wicker Loveseat


  • Something to transform into a flower pot (an old chair works fine)
  • Paint (preferably old or recycled so you can keep it out of the landfills)
  • Something to prevent the soil from leaking, I used old plastic storage bin “lids”
  • Wire mesh, old wire, and wire cutters
  • Soil
  • Moss (spaghnum)
  • Plants
Wicker Loveseat Chair Garden Container Project Paint
Wicker Loveseat Chair Garden Container Craft Spaghnum Moss

How to do:

  • Build the “container” area, making sure there is plenty of room for soil and plant roots. I did this by turning the chair over, laying old storage bin “lids” down on the bottom, then covering the it with wire meshing that I attached with old wire and wire cutters.
  • Paint the entire object. Prime first if possible, then paint the top coat over the primer.
  • Place moss around the edges of the container area to prevent the soil leaking out. Soak first to expand it. If you don’t want to use the moss, you can use shredded leaves or old greenery as a filler.
  • Fill the container with potting soil.
  • Plant with your favorite plants.
Wicker Loveseat Chair Garden Container Moss and Green
Wicker Container garden with sweet potato vine blue

Photo credits this page go to Kelsey Lee Connors.

This style of reused planter will keep items out of the landfill for a few more years and offers a bit of whimsy in the garden. This was a super fun container gardening project and it survived for four years in my garden before I passed it on to a friend. What kind of creative container gardening ideas can you come up with for next season? Send me photos – I want to see what you come up with!

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  1. Hi, Shawna — This is a great idea, very eye-catching. Love the way you pull the blue color into the garden with a blue pot nearby. Maybe do a chair w/moss and succulent cuttings to complete the vignette?

  2. Debra – fabulous idea and a girlfriend gave me one of those wicker chairs with the wide backs last year – think it might make for an interesting seating arrangement…



  3. LOVE this idea! The blue color you chose for the wicker loveseat is a great focal point, and I like how you did 'step-by-step' photos…cute!!
    I'm recently getting into reusing old items and incorporating them into the garden, so this was a great post. Thanks!

  4. Now I know what to do with the old wicker I find. Great idea and I love the colr.

  5. That is a fabulous idea.The wicker love seat which has lost it's charm as a seater is so easily turned into a decorative piece and is thus stopped from going to the dump.The increased dump created pollution which is a cause of ill health for you and me.

  6. Such an awesome project! You are more careful than I … I would have forgone the tarp thinking I will be able to cut the grass anyway … but the tarp is the proper way to go.

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