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Chicago Botanic Gardens Greenhouses Bring Winter Love

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Shawna Coronado at the Chicago Botanic Gardens greenhouses

Sick of winter? Miss your garden? ME TOO!

There’s only one thing we can do – FIELD TRIP!!!!!

Chicago Botanic Gardens display greenhouses are the perfect solution for 30” of snow in my front lawn. No seriously. 30 inches!

See my happy smiling face while I am standing in the Arid greenhouse (right)? That is because being exposed to plants makes you happy – and we need a little bit of sunshine in happiness in our gray winter lives this February, right? Chicago Botanic Gardens has an Arid, Tropical ,and Semi-Tropical greenhouse for your convenience so you can insert an I.V. of green directly in to your blood stream.

Below you see some beautiful flowers and plants from the greenhouse trip to brighten up your winter.

Cactus-y armadillo at the Chicago Botanic Garden display greenhouses
Pink orchids at Chicago Botanic Garden display greenhouse
White orchids
Greenhouse banana

Quick, get yourself to a display greenhouse now!

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  1. Shawna I love that picture of you, btw!

    There's something about walking around a greenhouse that lifts the spirit and lowers the blood pressure.

    Great post!

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