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Best Vodka and Soda Cocktail with a Scent Hint

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You all know I am currently living on an anti-inflammatory diet for my osteoarthritis. Frankly, there is no way we can consider liquor anti-inflammatory. Yet I have found that I can occasionally have a cocktail without it disrupting my chronic pain if I keep it simple – a straight vodka and soda cocktail with no extra syrups or sugars works as long as I do not go overboard. Watch the above video to see how I make my favorite Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit vodka and soda (if you get this post via email and can’t see it, simply click the post title and it will take you to the web page). Just to confirm the extra half shot I give it at the end is absolutely ridiculous, but I swear it makes the drink taste better. ::grin::

One of my secrets for a delicious cocktail is what I call the “Scent Hint” — put a sprig of freshly cut herb, such as the purple basil in this video, and the added scent actually improves the olfactory experience making the cocktail taste as beautiful as it looks. This is a great way to encourage you to reduce drinking syrupy sweet cocktails and still have lower sugar, but totally delicious, experience. Give the scent hint a try in your favorite vodka and soda cocktail and experience a wave of herbal yumminess.

Vodka and Soda Scent Hint


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