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Recipe For Grouper Fish Infused With A Green Tomatillo Sauce

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 Amazingly Delicious Recipe
Chef Carlos Capistran from the Lol-Ha Restaurant in Akumal, Mexico is with me to cook an AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS RECIPE (can I repeat that? AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS) – Seared Tomatillo Infused Grouper and Rice – and it costs less than $15 per meal for a family of four. WOW! What a treat in the heart of Winter. Flavorful, delicious, and a definite pick-me-up on a gray day.

You will see at the end of the video that I hogged the fish all to myself – I DID!! It is THAT good. Give it a try, I think you will love this wonderful fish dish. And remember if you do not want to use grouper, you can substitute any white fish in its place.

Chef Carlos Capistran and Shawna Coronado cook an amazing grouper dish on the shores of Akumal Bay in Akumal, Mexico.



  • Grouper, 8 oz.
  • Tomatillo Sauce, 3 oz.
  • Flour
  • Butter, 2 oz.
  • Milk, 4 Cups
  • Eggs, 3
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Rice


  1. Mix the eggs and the milk together for a milk wash, add one teaspoon salt and one teaspoon pepper and reserve in the refrigerator.
  2. Season the fish with salt and pepper.
  3. Dip the fish into the milk wash and then into the flour, lightly press both sides of the fishin the flour.   In a medium skillet add two ounces of butter, heat until sizzling in the skillet.
    • Add the fish in the skillet and cook until the fish has a golden brown color.
    • With a spatula, turn the fish and cook the other side.
    • Transfer the fish onto the plate and serve with cooked rice and Tomatillo Infused Sauce (see below).

Make the tomatillo infused sauce –


  • Tomatillo, 1 or 2 large, or 3 or 4 small
  • Shallots or white onions, quartered
  • Garlic, one clove
  • Small bunch of cilantro
  • White wine, several cups – enough to cover ingredients in pan
  • Butter, 4 oz., cubed
  • Extra virgin olive oil, 2 oz.
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Roast the tomatillos directly over a stove fire.
  2. In a sauce pot, add 2 oz. of oil and heat.
  3. Add roasted tomatillos, garlic, cilantro, and shallot or onion.
  4. Cook, making sure not to burn the garlic.
  5. Cover the tomatillo mixture with white wine and cook for about 10 minutes.
  6. Blend everything together and cook for another 3 minutes.
  7. Slowly incorporate the cubes of butter, one at the time until the sauceis thickened.
  8. Add salt and pepper to taste

*Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am noting that the Mayan Riviera Tourism, Hotel Akumal Caribe, Villa Akumal, and Akumal Guide Mexicarte  sponsored this experience. I was not told what to document or how to document the experience, we were simply asked to attend and film – anything expressed in posts related to the activities is my own opinion expressed from my own personal experience.

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