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Best Fashion Fun Wellie Style Garden Rain Boots

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Garden Fashion

Garden Fashion

Without a doubt, the #1 most asked question I get regarding garden fashion is, “Where do you get those crazy wellie boots you wear all the time?” FINALLY I have an answer for you. You can get them on my website! Simply go to the link for my online store you can see at the top of my website or here – STORE LINK – and go get yourself some awesome boots!

These boots all have a crazy, cute, or fun story associated with them. When you go to the store and see the product descriptions you will see what I mean. I love that the boots are practical AND fun. Each wellie-style boot is built to be rough and tough in the garden OR make you feel happy on a rainy Saturday morning shopping trip. They go great with jeans – I love them! Now that the rainy fall season will be upon us, I hope you will consider them for your garden tootsies or even as a gift for a friend.

Thanks for your support and let me know what you think of the new funky, wacky, Shawna-quirky, rain boots edition to my online store!

**Very special thanks to Karie Strangeway for taking the fun boot photos that go along with the stories in my store. She spent a day with me and my team setting up the wildest shots ever and it was TOTAL FUN.

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  1. You are amazing! IS there anything that you can’t do? I love the boots. Maybe I’ll treat myself whn things settle down over here…

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