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3 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car

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Front Lawn Vegetable Garden August 2012 2

Wellness, to me, is not just about eating right and exercising. It’s about the lifestyle your family leads. Everything from recycling to composting to growing to shopping is involved in our daily lifestyles as a choice. While not always perfect, I have set a goal of trying my best to live a healthier lifestyle. This means I consider positive environmental choices in all that I do and if there is an opportunity to make a difference, I lean towards the positive choice – like growing my front lawn vegetable garden (above) and donating 500 pounds of food from that experience to my local food pantry. Personally, a mentality of positive choice has led me into a much more rewarding mindset. I wake up looking for positive choices instead of forever feeling as if the world is against me. Ultimately I feel more satisfied, more happy, and more hungry to share good things because of positive thinking.

One of those positive choices is considering a more environmentally friendly vehicle for the family. A hybrid car is a car that is a high tech vehicle which combines a gas engine with an electric motor. These cars reduce fuel emissions significantly, can get strong miles per gallon, and reduces fuel consumption significantly.

3 Big Reasons To Buy a Hybrid

1. Save Money on Gas – Most hybrid cars, dependent upon the size of the vehicle, can get between 30 and 60 miles per gallon and you can often drive 500+ miles without filling up the car. You will be whistling a happy tune at the gas station with that type of weekly money savings – you can use the leftover money for the kids college fund.

2. Help the Environment – You already know you will be getting better mileage with a hybrid, but you will also be producing less emissions. Many hybrids produce up to 90% less tail pipe fumes.

3. Quiet and Comfort – Riding in a hybrid car is comfortable – just like any other car – but more importantly it’s quiet. Really quiet. When you stop at a stop light and the engine is not needed, it simply turns off. Therefore you never sit idling unnecessarily, instead you sit in this most amazing silence. When the power switch happens between electric motor and gas engine, it is seamless and quiet as well.

KIA Niro Car Auto Show
KIA Hybrid Announcement

When KIA approached me about visiting the Chicago Auto Show this week to see their new hybrid car premiere, I was excited to see progress for the KIA Optima Hybrid, KIA Telluride Hybrid, and all electric SOUL EV. I got to meet the development team and hear all the latest news. Little did I know that they would surprise all attending with the brand new KIA Niro – a beautiful new family car that has a lot of comfort and room inside. My favorite mid-sized KIA hybrid car was the Optima – beyond all the standard hybrid benefits, it also has a high-tech interior with a video screen for parking and backing.

Making a choice for your family that impacts the environment starts at home – every day. Perhaps considering a hybrid car as one of those choices when it’s time to buy a car might be the right answer for your lifestyle — jump in and do the research on what works best for you. Attend the car show this season if you are able and get up close and personal so you can better understand why hybrids can make a difference.

Kia Optima Hybrid Auto Show

**Special FTC Notice – KIA compensated me for attending and covering their preview event at the Chicago Auto Show. My opinions on hybrid cars and why we should invest in them, however, are my own and not influenced by any brand or company.

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