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  • Wine bottle French Potager Garden

    Recycle an Iron Arbor

    **This arbor story is a recycled post from 2010. I recently had a reader ask me to post it again — here it is my friends — RECYCLE, REUSE, REPOST!** My…

  • Herb Garden

    How To Dry Herbs

    An herb garden is a reflection of beauty and is intricately tied to food and family, it seems a good day to talk about an herb garden and drying herbs. One…

  • Blossom End Rot

    3 Tips to Prevent Blossom End Rot

    As soon as I recovered from the evil Japanese beetles, I look out and see my tomatoes with Blossom End Rot, which is created when the tomato plant does not absorb…

  • Bento Box Kale Salad Cauliflower and Hummus
    Food Wellness

    Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Bento Box

    November: the month of non-stop go-go-go! You’re getting ready for the holidays, the travel, the stress, and all you need are some quick and easy ideas for lunch. You remember the…

  • Yellow Tractor Raised Beds

    How To Plant a Raised Garden Bed

    Yellow Tractor is a consulting organization that coordinates amazing corporate events focused on growing food. They build and sell raised garden beds as a part of their corporate and educational initiatives.…

  • Succulent Living Wall Garden at Nursery

    Living Wall Garden with Succulent Plants

    November is the good time to start a succulent garden. If you have an area near a sunny window that has very bright light exposure, than you can grow a succulent…

  • Lurie Garden In The Morning by Shawna Coronado
    Garden Travel

    The Lurie Garden in Chicago

    When Scott Stewart Ph.D., Director and Head Horticulturist (see photo right) invited me to come out to see The Lurie Garden I readily accepted as I have lived in the Chicago-area…

  • Home Office Houseplant Living Wall Garden

    Home Office Living Wall Garden

    Growing a home office living wall garden that is weed-free and super easy to maintain is an amazing way to bring oxygen and beauty into your work environment. You can easily…

  • Freestanding Entrance Garden in summer

    An Easy Living Wall Entry Garden

    One of my favorite gardens at my home has been the freestanding living wall entry garden I built to reside next to my front door in an awkward little spot between…