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  • Wine bottle French Potager Garden

    Recycle an Iron Arbor

    **This arbor story is a recycled post from 2010. I recently had a reader ask me to post it again — here it is my friends — RECYCLE, REUSE, REPOST!** My…

  • Blossom End Rot

    3 Tips to Prevent Blossom End Rot

    As soon as I recovered from the evil Japanese beetles, I look out and see my tomatoes with Blossom End Rot, which is created when the tomato plant does not absorb…

  • Yellow Tractor Raised Beds

    How To Plant a Raised Garden Bed

    Yellow Tractor is a consulting organization that coordinates amazing corporate events focused on growing food. They build and sell raised garden beds as a part of their corporate and educational initiatives.…

  • Garden

    How To Grow a Dahlia Flower

    Growing a dahlia flower always seemed like this mysterious, complicated thing that was beyond my gardening skills, but I discovered it is easy to plant and grow a dahlia. Last year…

  • Swallowtail Butterfly on Echinacea

    Top 10 Drought Tolerant Perennials

    Want to save money by watering less and have a garden that needs very little attention? Try planting a drought tolerant or native perennial garden this season. Below I have listed…

  • How to Plant A Container Shrub Rose Infographic feature photo

    How To Plant a Shrub Rose Container

    Planting a rose often seems like a complicated project, however, the new shrub roses such as the Knockout are easy to plant. Simply follow the instructions on the infographic below to…

  • Shawna Coronado in drone video of her garden.
    Garden Life

    A Drone View of My Garden

    Many of you wonderful peeps have asked to see my garden in video form. This year I met up with an astounding drone videographer who worked with me to film the…

  • Basil Grapefruit Martini Cocktail Recipe 2

    Basil Grapefruit Martini Cocktail Recipe

    Fall is here now, I have long since closed up the gardens and the warm days of Indian Summer come few and far between. My thoughts drift to the garden and…

  • Basil Lemon Gin Swizzle Cocktail

    Basil Lemon Gin Swizzle Cocktail Recipe

    June’s drink is the Basil Lemon Gin Swizzle cocktail recipe; it has a little bit of fizz and a little bit of fun that makes it the perfect garden cocktail. Basil…

  • Lemon Thyme Martini Cocktail Recipe

    Lemon Thyme Herbal Martini Cocktail Recipe

    At last! AT LAAASSST it is herb season. You know what that means, right? Herbal cocktail recipes are at the forefront of my mind. Last season Amy Stewart’s super cool book…