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  • Shirley Bovshow Door Desk on phone
    Life Wellness

    Office Desk Hack

    When I visited Shirley Bovshow this season, I loved going to her garden-themed office and teaching facility near Los Angeles, California where she teaches classes and goes about all her planning…

  • Houseplant Plant Stand Hack with Plants

    Houseplant Plant Stand Hack

    This season I had several houseplants hanging in the garden. One of my favorite displays was the Living Wall Cone Container Garden (right) and the idea of giving these drought tolerant,…

  • Freestanding Entrance Garden in summer

    An Easy Living Wall Entry Garden

    One of my favorite gardens at my home has been the freestanding living wall entry garden I built to reside next to my front door in an awkward little spot between…

  • Blue Houseplant from Indoor Plant Decor

    Houseplants Part I – Books and Ideas

    Houseplants terrify me. I am gradually changing my mind about houseplants and see them as a great way to bring some garden love into the house at the end of the…

  • Cactus Design in High Window

    Cactus Houseplant Garden Design Solution

    Design problem: What do you do if you have high windows in your home and they look devastatingly empty? Placing traditional plants up there is challenging because you have to climb…