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  • Seed Starting Clear Cover for Seeds

    Seed Starting Tips

    Seed starting for your garden in mid-April is happening at the Coronado house – here is how to get started. My friends, it is never too late to plant a seed,…

  • juicing juices
    Food Wellness

    Scientific Evidence on Juicing

    Juice. I love it. When I was diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis I did some research on juicing. I have been working with my certified nutritionist to try to discover what…

  • White Lavender Plant Photo copyright Shawna Coronado
    Garden Travel

    How to Grow Lavender

    Oregon is known for it’s amazing lavender fields, so when traveling to Oregon’s Mount Hood Territory, I wanted to explore flowering fields and learn more about growing the plant. Chris Mulder…

  • Crocus vernus Jeanne d Arc copyright Shawna Coronado Side View

    Beautiful Crocus Jeanne d Arc Flowers

    Crocus vernus Jeanne d’Arc flowers are blooming in my garden today and they are glorious! Only four to six inches high, these happy little flowers make a lovely statement when planted…

  • Muir Woods Park Moss and Trees copyright Shawna Coronado

    Walking Muir Woods in California

    Whenever I travel, which is often, I try to fit in an extra day for adventure. Real adventure. In my mind, “real adventure” is when you set out for some place…

  • Front Lawn Vegetable Garden Side View © copyright Shawna Corona

    Front Lawn Vegetable Garden Design

    We northern gardeners are all covered in snow and desperate for spring, clutching our cups of hot tea with fingers just itching to get into the soil. Now is the perfect…

  • Freestanding Entrance Garden in summer

    An Easy Living Wall Entry Garden

    One of my favorite gardens at my home has been the freestanding living wall entry garden I built to reside next to my front door in an awkward little spot between…

  • Calendula Biscuits

    Calendula-Orange Biscuit Recipe

    When I first met Teresa O’Connor, garden writer extraordinaire, I knew we would be great garden friends. She has an amazingly informative blog, Seasonal Wisdom, and is a writer, author, speaker…

  • Garden

    How To Grow a Dahlia Flower

    Growing a dahlia flower always seemed like this mysterious, complicated thing that was beyond my gardening skills, but I discovered it is easy to plant and grow a dahlia. Last year…

  • Ornamental Edible Beet Beta vulgaris

    Growing Ornamental Edible Beets (Beta vulgaris)

    Beets are one of my favorite ornamental edible plants. They make excellent ground covers, beautiful container plants, and of course, brilliant living wall gardens. Incredibly easy to grow from seed or…

  • Heart Shaped Tomatoes Veggie Mold

    How To Grow Heart and Star Vegetables

    When I first saw star and heart shaped vegetable and fruit slices I thought they were fake, but I bit into one and whadyaknow IT WAS REAL! Amazing. I wanted to…

  • Raised Garden Bed From Recycled materials finished

    Building Sustainable Raised Garden Beds

    Garden tables are an exciting new idea we are seeing more and more of on the garden market. They lift the garden up off the ground which can be beneficial to…