Recycle A Car and Save Landfill Space

Recycle Car

Last summer while I am driving through Indiana I have the windows open and the sweet smell of corn field drifts into the window. I come upon this old beater car parked along the roadside in middle of a field of clover. I pull over and take photos and I am fascinated by the car and what it is doing there in middle of nowhere. There is a noticeable oil leak under the car which bothers me as it is dripping straight into the soil and it occurs to me that the metal from this car would be perfect to recycle.

Recycling of automobiles is increasing and nearly 10 million vehicles are recycled annually. The good news is recycling one ton of steel saves approximately 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 120 pounds of limestone, and 1,400 pounds of coal. Some car companies, like Ford, are making their cars more than 80% recyclable. This is a positive move forward in keeping more items out of the landfill.

Here are a few ideas on where you can go to get your old beater car recycled –

  1. RECYCLE FOR CASH – There are several companies like that will pay you cash for your old vehicle. Search online for a company local to you that will give you some options. Before you give your car away to them, I would suggest you check with state environmental agencies and ask them which company has green standards and is the better choice for you to use.
  2. ASK CITY COUNCIL – Many cities around the United States are starting a salvage yard collection program. At no charge to you or the city, a tow truck will come and pick up the vehicle. In exchange for collecting your car, they receive all the profit from the metal and other vehicle parts. It won’t go in the landfill and you know your car will be put to good use.
  3. JUNK YARD SCRAP – Taking your car to a junk yard is easy to do if you live near any metropolitan city. Here’s the rub – – not all junk yards use environmentally safe practices, which mean you might be sending the car to a non-green end unless you do your research first. Ask them about their practices, where all the fluids from the car go, where the upholstery is taken, and what happens to glass. If the cars are just place on the open soil in middle of a field, then oil and other contaminants can leak down into the water table and damage the environment.

SO – the rule for recycling your car is to ask lots of questions when you make your calls to try and research the best safe place for your old car to be put to sleep.

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    Recycle Your Old Cars, Save Space At The Landfill
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