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Walk the Store Challenge #walkthestore

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Are you ready to make a difference in your life?

Do you struggle with finding time to exercise? Can you imagine a life with less chronic pain and more self-confidence? Do you want to improve your mood and have more energy? It is as simple as walking. Six months ago I was diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis and in that time I have transformed my life and health by walking one hour every day.

See how to do the #WalkTheStore Challenge and how I changed my health below —

Walk the Store Challenge with Shawna Coronado

Transformed Health and life by walking

How the challenge works –

Everyone has to shop – needs to shop – at the grocery, at the warehouse club, at the hardware store, at the garden center. Most days we dislike this errand.

But what if this chore could help transform your health and your life?                   

  1. When you arrive at a store do not get a cart (unless you need it for physical support).
  2. Walk 5 laps. 
  3. Go get a cart and start shopping.

At my local SuperTarget, Costco, and Walmart Supercenter I can easily get in 650 steps walking around the outside of the store like a track. Once I get a cart, I sometimes get another 1,500 to 2,000 steps in. This can bring my walking total up over 5,000 steps on a single shopping expedition.

If you are not able to physically walk 5 laps, then walk 1/2 lap or 1 lap or whatever laps you can — it is better than not walking at all. Perhaps you can start with 1 lap and build your way up to more.

How walking one hour a day has changed my life in six months –

When I was diagnosed with severe degenerative spinal osteoarthritis in July of 2015 I could not sleep due to the chronic pain I lived with. In fact, I could not lift anything above my head, could not read a book or drive a car without pain, and every minute of every day was filled with a dull ache which was disabling. My osteoarthritis doctor put me into physical therapy. I did further research with my nutritionist and decided to go on an anti-inflammatory diet which basically consisted of no dairy, no sugars, and low gluten. I followed my medical experts advice and also started walking one hour per day.

This is what happened because I changed my diet and began walking one hour per day –

  • Within 4 days my pain significantly reduced.
  • Within 4 weeks my blood pressure went down 40 points.
  • Within 8 weeks most of my menopause symptoms went away.
  • By 12 weeks I noticed the pain I did have was down by approximately 50 to 75%.
  • Within 18 weeks I went off all the prescription meds I was taking – I only take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation.
  • At 6 months I have noticed my hair and nails are stronger and my circulation is better – I feel more energy and less tired. I enjoy daily life more.


Keep in mind I still have bad days because arthritis is arthritis, but overall walking daily and eating healthier has truly changed my life. Special note*** – be sure to get your doctor’s approval for this type of exercise. If you get approval keep thinking about NO PRESCRIPTIONS! LOWER CHRONIC PAIN! You can do this. Start doing the #WalkTheStore Challenge and see where it takes you.



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  1. You are right,walking does not only help in reducing weight but also refreshes us and if your mind gets fresh and healthy you can enjoy everything, you can feel the energy within you.

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