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How To Plant An Onion

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Onions are EASY to grow and fabulous to eat. Simple as that. This year I am growing Burpee Home Gardens Yellow Spanish Onions. Their website proclaims that the onions, “produce fruit up to a pound (16 oz) and their great flavor lasts longer than most other varieties.”
Onion Trench at Shawna's garden

I like big onions as a flavor enhancer in everything from salsa to meatloaf and feel it is an essential garden vegetable that is tremendously simple to grow. Planting an onion is very easy. You can see how I did it in the video above using a mix of composted manure and Organic Mechanics Soil as a planting mix.

Easy Onion Planting Instructions –

  • Select a sunny location.
  • Plant in early spring (as soon as the soil can be worked).
  • Plant 3”-4” apart and about one inch deep. (I prefer digging a trench for planting.)
  • When the tops fall over, pull onions and allow to dry.
  • Remove from garden and store in a cool, dry place.
Onion Planting Instructions

Onion Planting Instructions

— Burpee Home Gardens supplied most of the vegetables grown in the garden this season including the above onion starts. I will write many instructional stories and videos with these products and donate a large portion of the vegetables to the local food pantry when harvested.
Additional information can be found about Organic Mechanics Soil on the Organic Mechanics website –
Corona Tools supplied the really awesome planting mattock I used to plant the onions with.

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  1. GIrl…. you are rocking it in the veggie garden this year! I love your directions and the organization of your corp. It looks like it should be easy to weed as well.

    YOU are my VEGGIE garden source!

  2. My onions are yet to be planted, and Your video serves as a reminder and an inspiration to get moving. I am healing this week and will be potting some one gallon hastas here in Historic Milan, Indiana. Many thanks. Jim

  3. That's it…there's a patch of grass in my yard that is about to be pulled out to make way for veggies! At least in the backyard. I can only imagine what the HOA would say about a veggie garden in front. You made it look so easy to plant and grow onions Shawna. Keep up the great videos and gardening tips 🙂 Safe travels to Emerald Isle and have a great trip.

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