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Mother’s Day Hat Glove and Apron Give-Away Contest

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Angelas Garden Primrose Garden Hat and Gloves Give-away

It’s almost Mom’s Day – the official planting day in my Chicagoland zone 5b garden. Time for a Mom’s Day Give-Away!! Hooray for spring!!

Angelas Garden Hat Primrose Give-away

What you need to celebrate is a new hat, glove, apron, and a complete matching set for your daughter or granddaughter. You can win it RIGHT HERE thanks to Angela’s Garden hosting a give-away featuring their new “Primrose” spring line of garden gloves and hats.  This line of hats is super cool because it is made from a washable printed cotton canvas (thank goodness, because Mud is my middle name), has a beautiful pink print, and a UPF of 45 so the hats and canvas protect from the sun’s UV rays.

You might remember the best holiday garden buy post I did that included Angela’s Garden products a few years ago — I find the aprons (see below) and tool bags comfortable to wear and carry without that crinkly-stiff-uncomfortableness. This is a good thing when you’re getting down and dirty in the garden and the last thing you want to think about is how stiff or itchy your apron feels.

Angela's Garden Apron


It is easy to enter to win the package – a kids hat and gloves, and a mom’s hat, gloves, and apron. In the comment section below tell me the funniest most wacky garden story in the history of all stories about you and your mother or daughter or granddaughter or grandma. You get the idea – tell the story of the women you love in your life while you’ve been in the garden together.

One randomly selected wacky storyteller will win the package give-away.

I will randomly select a winner to the contest on Mother’s Day 2014 and will have the packing gnomes at Angela’s Garden send out the awesome package as a special surprise for your special ladies. Special Note* — contest only open for people who are within the contiguous United States for shipping purposes.

Meanwhile, while you people are telling me stories I’ll be pulling weeds out in the garden and thinking about my own gloves, hat, and apron possibilities for this season. Happy Mother’s Day Garden Glove Give-Away Contest!


Special Note** – This week was a disaster for my website. It crashed twice, forcing me to spend 60 hours trying to rebuild. I randomly selected a winner for this contest from my saved notes because the comments were destroyed on this particular post. However, I want to reassure my followers that the winner was chosen completely randomly from a list of about 60 comments.

THE RANDOMLY SELECTED WINNER IS – Sarah who contributed this comment – “I’m a first-generation gardener, but I have managed to pass on my love of gardening to my son (age 11) and daughter (age 7). We spend countless hours sitting in the dirt together weeding, pruning or planting while chatting. It’s a wonderful time to bond with one another while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  Last spring, I was going through a pretty rough patch keeping me in bed for a few weeks. My children, thoughtfully tried to help me with the weeding and seeding because they just wanted to do something special for me (yeah, I know I’m lucky). They carefully weeded one of my mature flower beds and then proceeded to pour an entire bag of grass seed in the flower bed. By the time I was recovering and out of bed, I had a beautiful bed of grass… in my flower bed. I still laugh at the memory.”

Thank you, Sarah and all who contributed!!!

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