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Mid-Summer Garden Update

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Balcony Wall Garden and Container Garden © copyright Shawna Coro

New Balcony Containers —

With all the rain we have had in the Midwest, I have seen a tremendous amount of early growth in my test-garden vegetables. While I usually have to water my container gardens several times a week, this year I am testing out three Garden Well™ Self-Watering Planters and so far they have survived well — I have only had to fill the containers once the entire season due to all the rain. Definitely a time-saver! I’ll do a whole report on how you use the containers in the future. Meanwhile, check out the balcony garden “look” this summer (photo above).

Balcony Wall Garden and Swiss Chard Tomato Containers Garden © copyright Shawna Coronado

Swiss Chard is Beautiful —

If you have ever needed an excuse to grow something both ornamental, edible, and downright gorgeous – I’ve finally figured out the most beautiful ornamental edible EVER.  Swiss Chard ‘Bright lights’  from Jung Seed is simply magnificent. Seeing it here on the balcony as I walk past my sliding windows gives me a smile every time I see the plants. What a statement, plus the taste and nutritional value of Swiss Chard in a salad is darned near off the charts. There is still time for you to order Swiss chard seeds and get them in the ground for a nice fall harvest if you want to give them a try.

Balcony Wall Garden and Swiss Chard Container Garden © copyright Shawna Coronado
Tomatoes are Turning —

Growing tomatoes the last couple of seasons in the Midwest has been beyond challenging due to the cooler weather and heavy rain. Last year my tomatoes landed a bad case of the blight. This year I’ve put a couple patio tomatoes up on the balcony in order to practice a bit of crop rotation in order to avoid the former blighted area in the ground. I waited and waited — thought they’d never turn red, but finally this week we have successfully given birth to some beautiful red babies. I think planting them in the self-watering containers with Espoma Tomato Tone organic fertilizer has kept them consistently moist and strong. They got so heavy I had to put supports on them and they have no blossom end-rot since the plants have been evenly moist and fertilized and taste delicious.

Balcony Wall Garden and Tomato Container Garden © copyright Shaw

There you have it – my mid-summer garden update; everything’s coming up herbs and vegetables (and mosquitoes and weeds) in the test garden and I am a happy gardener. How is your garden growing?

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  1. I am loving your mid-summer garden Shawna! I really like those self-watering planters. I often take vacations during the summer and those seem like they would be great! 🙂

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