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Fall Reminder: It Is Time To Flip Your Rain Barrels

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Shawna Coronado's side garden fall view.

Today I was pulled out into the garden by gorgeous colors and crisp weather. When you step outside on a fall day like today it feels like there are infinite possibilities afoot; all the colors and smells make you feel more passionate about life. Above you see a photo of my gate view with the neighbors maple tree starring as the queen of the show.

As I walked my garden paths I finished the last of the garden chores before winter. In my mind, the most important chore is flipping over rain barrels. If you leave your rain barrels full all winter, the ice freezes in a solid block and can crack the rain barrel.

To prevent this I drain my rain barrels (very convenient for washing muddy boots), reconnect the drains from the roof, then flip the rain barrels upside down so they do not gather water through the winter. Below you see photos of both single and double rain barrels I flip – I have five of them attached to my home.

Get out there and flip your rain barrels. No rain barrel? Now is the time to find them on sale at your local garden center – they are good for the environment and your garden. Happy Fall!

Washing muddy boots in rain barrel water.
Turning rain barrels over.
Double rain barrels upside down.

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  1. Shawna,
    Just found your site – I love finding local gardeners sharing their experience. It’s frustrating to read gardening advice only to discover it’s from Florida!

    I’m doing a dance with the Devil… With all the rain we get this time of year, and as dry as the summer was, I’m leaving my barrels out as long as possible. Need to treat my houseplants to rain water as long as possible. Looks like we may get our first frost by the end of the week – time to bring in the geranium (pelargonium) cuttings!

    Keep up the good work.

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