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Coleus Mixed With Thai Basil = Garden Love

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Coleus and Thai Basil

Spend time in your garden trying creative new combinations in new planting spots. You might be very surprised at what works together. For example, above you see a random coleus I found leftover in an old planting 6-pack mixed in with Thai Basil from Bonnie Plants. All planted in full shade. Isn’t it glorious?

Not only is it smell-licious, it is also a beautiful color combination and quite easy to grow mixed together on a balcony in an urban environment. Thai basil is a stronger-flavored basil than sweet basil, it almost has a hint of licorice flavor. Usually it grows best in full sun, but here you can see it does just fine in shade. The leaves, which are about half the size of sweet basil, have purple stems and make pretty garnishes. You can use the herb in Asian dishes and in salads.

My favorite thing about Thai Basil –  I love it best when you walk by it in the garden and brush up against the plant. Smells deliciously aromatic and makes me feel happy-in-the-heart.

Special Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am letting you know that  Bonnie Plants supplied me with thai basil plants I used in this planting. I donate a large portion of the herbs and vegetables I grow in my soil-improved garden to the local food pantry when harvested. And don’t ya know that all opinions are my own!

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