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How to Build an Herb Garden Elevated Bed

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Herb Garden Elevated Bed

Planting an herb garden elevated bed and having great growing success is easy if you plan the proper soil mix. I love growing herbs all season long in my garden so that I can add them at a moment’s notice to one of my yummy smoothies or wellness dishes. Be sure to grow anything edible in the garden organically so your family will have healthier foods. When I plant my herb garden up I know that I’ll be notoriously lax in watering regularly, yet herbs require consistent watering. The best solution for my lazy watering situation is to make the soil moisture-retentive so that I don’t have to water as much. Below is my secret.

Secret Soil Mix

My secret formula for moisture retentive soil which will give you a bit of leeway in watering frequency is made from four primary ingredients – organic soil, compost, worm castings, and fertilizer. The goal is to hold as much moisture as possible around the root area while still allowing easy drainage.

Kellogg Garden Organics All Natural Raised Bed & Potting Mix is an earthy mix that is great to fill your raised beds and container gardens. Mix one part of it in with another part of composted manure; stir well. Then if you are able, mix in another part of compost from your compost bin with a couple of handfuls of worm castings. Finally, add in Kellogg Garden Organics Organic Fertilizer of choice, being careful to follow directions. If you are able to mulch your garden with a natural product, I recommend adding mulch to help hold moisture and protect your herb’s roots.

Herb Garden Elevated Bed Soil Formula Combination
Herb Garden Elevated Bed Soil Mix

Once you mix the soil up in your elevated beds, it is time to plant the plants. This elevated garden is filled with Parsley ‘Giant of Italy’, Thyme ‘Red Creeping’, Sage ‘Tricolor’, Oregano ‘Golden’, and Rosemary ‘Tuscan Blue’. Simply loosen the roots then tuck them into your fresh soil mix. Water in well and you are ready to grow. It is simple to build an herb garden elevated bed when you start out with a good soil mix. Roots need nutrition and moisture, giving the roots these things from the very beginning of growing the elevated garden bed will help ensure success. Happy Herb Gardening!

Herb Garden Elevated Bed Watering

Special thanks to Kellogg Garden Organics for providing soil to me this season to build an herb garden elevated bed – the soil worked very well with my herbs. VegTrug provided the elevated bed planter. The One Touch Revolution Spray Gun is from Dramm. Thrilled for all your help in putting together this garden!

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