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Blizzard In The Garden or Silent Screams From Winter Hell – Snowpocalypse 2011

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Mount Coronado in the Blizzard of 2011

Holy Cats! It is a blizzard out there. Literally! Snowpocalypse 2011 has hit the Chicago Zone 5 region hard this week and buried gardens beneath layers of ice and snow – approximately 20” so far with more expected throughout today.

Created for the sledding delight of my 10 year old is Mount Coronado. Above you see Mount Coronado pointed out with the red arrow. It is the result of our suburban city snow plows pushing snow off the cul-de-sac street and onto my garden. It takes 13 feet of snow a long time to melt. Repeat – A LONG TIME TO MELT!!

buried gardens


buried gardens


buried gardens

AAAAGHHHHHH!!!!!! Can you hear my silent screams from winter hell? When will spring ever get here?

Rain Water Cistern Winter Update

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  1. Oh Boy…it's going to take a long long time for the pile of snow to melt.

    This is all getting a bit old. I WANT SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thoughts are with you Shawna. I can only imagine what you're going through because I've never experienced anything like that. Maybe SuperSowSunday and counting the days till spring will help. In the meantime, warm thougts are with you. Be safe!

  3. Shawna, with the blizzard of '67, it took till April for all the snow to melt. You could see small remainders under bushes where sun never melted it. Your mountain will take a while…but the kiddo can play on it.

  4. It does take a long time to melt. We still have a huge mound of snow in our front yard that has melted very little since last week. (Sigh)

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