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A Save the Painted Fence Feature – The Ring Weeder

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Ringweeder Tool and Weeds

The Graffiti Experiment is a special save the painted fence project intended to build gang graffiti awareness and prevention on how urban communities might work to inspire positive change. Champions of the graffiti project donated money to help pay the fines my homeowners association charged me in order to help keep the fence experiment up for a longer period of time. In special thanks to the champions who are helping me to save the painted fence, I am writing a “Feature of the Month” blog post focused on the champion or the champion’s blog, cause or company. Below is this month’s feature —

Ringweeder Weeding
Ringweeder Vincent

Vincent Suozzi of the Angel Tool Company, creator of The Ring Weeder, was one of the first people to sign up to support the fence. After creating several prototypes, he used a Kickstarter Program to fund the clever little finger weeder. Vincent’s tool helps you pull weeds by slipping onto your index finger and working in areas where other tools are too big and might not do the job. The Ring Weeder helps to get the complete root out of the ground, which is always a problem for gardeners when trying to take care of their garden beds, walkways, and paths.

The Ring Weeder is patent pending. With the funds he earned from the Kickstarter Program, Vincent plans to invest in making injection molds so he can produce the weeders and start selling them. Watch the video below to see how The Ring Weeder works. If you want to pre-order one of these creative little inventions, feel free to do so at Vincent’s website, just click through here – THE RING WEEDER WEBSITE. It would make an excellent holiday gift or stocking stuffer and Vincent has said he will be shipping product out in early November for the holiday season, so order now if you are interested.

Thanks again to Vincent for helping to fund the painted fence and sharing The Ring Weeder with my friends and followers. Happy Weeding!

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